August Burns Red, Metalcore
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band: August Burns Red

genre: metalcore/mathcore

origin: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA


current members:
Jake Luhrs - Vocals
JB Brubaker – Guitar
Brent Rambler – Guitar
Dustin Davidson - Bass
Matt Greiner – Drums

Looks Fragile After All, EP, 2004
Thrill Seeker, 2005
Messengers, 2007


Messengers, the second record to drop from the minds and hands of Lancaster, PA fivesome August Burns Red is more than just a collection of 11 raging metal songs that ravage the ears of their listeners with technical skill and immense passion. The record is, in fact, not only a musical collaboration, but also a lyrical one, where every member of the band contributed to the lyrical content with their own thoughts, ideas and messages. Hence the record’s intriguing title.

August Burns Red, who initially formed in March of 2003, began this writing process almost immediately after finishing their shattering debut, Thrill Seeker, at the end of 2005, collecting ideas to follow up that disc with something even bigger. The five members of August Burns Red spent the entire year and half they were touring in support of Thrill Seeker penning the songs that landed on Messengers, eventually entering the studio in February 2007 in Nashville with Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Himsa, Dark Tranquility, Extol), with whom the fivesome co-produced the album. The group spent the month refining the tracks into the aggressive, pounding songs you hear on the finished album.

The complexity of August Burns Red’s songwriting is apparent throughout, a clear indication of a band with rabid ambition and a burgeoning talent for crafting tight, compelling songs. Longtime fans fear not, though; Messengers is still the product of the same intense band who continue to blow the minds of everyone lucky enough to witness their memorable live show.

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Чо слип, тож прёт эт группа??? Крутые чуваки!!!

Maggot Max
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Второй альбом нравится. Но слушать долго их нельзя, по-моему %)
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группа хорошая,но приедается быстро
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вы что загоняетесь? группа просто суперовая, самая лучшая работа - Thrill Seeker (2005). Очень всем советую...

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